Continuing Education

Continuing Education: Our team focuses a lot of effort on making sure we can stay on top of all the latest advancements in dentistry. This helps Dr. Mantis and his team provide you with advanced dental care.

Evan N.

I’m very satisfied with dental treatment here. Mantis Dentistry has an incredibly friendly staff. My family and I are always greeted with warm smiles and conversations. There is no reason not to recommend this dentistry. You will not be disappointed.

Clara K.

Dr Mantis he’s amazing, I never been to a dentist where he sits and explain to you what he will do and show you how he will do and what your teeth looks like. He’s awesome and i only visited him once and am this happy already. Thank you oh yea by the way the View Full →

Nicole D.

I had one tooth pulled, and two wisdom teeth removed. I was nervous but I felt very comfortable, and was very relaxed. The staff was very nice, and Dr. Mantis is an amazing Dentist.

Connie D.

Dr Mantis is simply the best dentist ever! He is a high-tech, cutting edge, dedicated, compassionate, detail oriented, thorough & patient dentist. His approach to dentistry is like no other. He is a dentist that is passionate about the quality of his work and the dental health of his patients. A visit to his office View Full →

Jane K.

This is the best dental office I have ever been to. They offer customized care, with a “family” touch. Even with their advanced technology, and their cutting edge skills, they maintain that old fashioned personalized type of care. I went to quite a few dentists before I came here. I will never leave.