Emergency Dental Care

Emergencies are serious things. When you break a bone or sustain head trauma, getting emergency medical care is important. Your teeth deserve the same kind of attention and care when your mouth or individual teeth undergo severe trauma causing tooth pain. That’s why our office offers emergency dentistry to our patients!

Types of Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dentistry is the practice of treating patients needing immediate dental attention to relieve tooth pain or other oral pain. There are any number of situations that could qualify as a dental emergency, including:

Damaged Crown or Bridge

A damaged crown could mean serious danger to the tooth or teeth being protected. Similarly, a damaged bridge can be detrimental to the surrounding teeth it is attached to. Our emergency dentistry can help restore your oral health.


If you’ve been experiencing a persistent, painful toothache, it might be time to make an appointment to see us right away. If the toothache is bad enough that you can’t eat, drink, or even talk without being in pain, this could be an indicator of something more serious going on.

Sport-Related Accidents

It’s important to be properly equipped when playing any sport. But accidents can often occur even when all participants are wearing protective gear. When you or a loved one experience trauma to the mouth, teeth, or gums from a sport-related accident, you can trust us to give you attentive care.


Dental abscesses are pockets of pus that form from an infection. This type of infection can come from an untreated cavity or injury. You might be dealing with an abscess if you’re experiencing a fever, a toothache or other pain in your mouth around the infected area, and bad breath.

Our emergency dentistry team can figure out exactly what treatment you need when you come see us.

Knocked out Tooth

When you have a tooth completely knocked out of your mouth, it’s important that you see us right away. Handle the expelled tooth only by the crown—do not touch the root. If you can, place the tooth back in your mouth. If that isn’t possible, keep it moist by placing it in a glass of milk. Then come get emergency dental care in our office right away!

Fractured Tooth

Cracks in teeth can be obvious or difficult to notice–it just depends on the size. If you’re not sure it’s a fracture, pay attention to how your tooth feels when you chew certain foods. If you have severe tooth pain or a visibly cracked tooth, come see us for emergency dental care immediately.

What You Can Expect from Mantis Dentistry & Implant Center

We know how important it is to get serious injuries taken care of quickly and efficiently. That’s why, at Mantis Dentistry & Implant Center, we do our best to see patients with dental emergencies the same day of the emergency.

Contact Us about Dental Emergencies Today

Questions about our great emergency dental care or what constitutes a dental emergency? Give us a call! With our emergency dentistry services, we’re ready and able to help you relieve your toothache or other tooth pain as soon as possible.

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