Teeth Whitening Cost and What You Can Expect to Pay

What is the teeth whitening cost? Does it matter what procedure I choose? This guide will break down the teeth whitening cost and what you can expect to pay.

White teeth are a beauty goal for many people. Whether it is for a confidence boost, wanting to look your best for a big event, or just wanting to make a positive impression, teeth whitening is popular.

The first thing many consider when debating on if teeth whitening is for them is the cost. Teeth whitening cost does not need to scare you away! There are ways to whiten your teeth safely, regardless of your budget.

What is the teeth whitening cost? Does it matter what procedure you choose? This article will break down the cost of teeth whitening and the types of whitening you can choose from.

Teeth Whitening Cost And What You Can Expect To Pay

The cost for teeth whitening varies greatly depending on many factors, including the method and upkeep needed. Before you consider any teeth whitening procedure or product, consult your dentist to make sure it is safe and appropriate for you.

Professional Teeth Whitening Services And Costs

Perhaps the most effective way to brighten your smile is through a professional teeth whitening service. While they are also the most expensive and, in most cases, not covered by insurance, many still choose these services.

In-Office Laser Teeth Whitening

When you compare all cosmetic dentistry procedures, in-office laser teeth whitening remains one of the most affordable methods. In-office teeth whitening services offer an instant and long-lasting result, especially when compared to over the counter products.

To do in-office teeth whitening, you generally only need one office visit, which takes about one hour. In some instances, you may need multiple visits and treatments for the best results. The dentist will apply a highly concentrated bleach gel to your teeth for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. The dentist will then use a laser to heat the gel, which whitens your teeth through an oxidation process.

In total, you will pay about $650 for this service.

Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

If you want a professional, customized whitening solution but can’t afford in-office teeth whitening, a take-home kit may be your answer. In terms of teeth whitening cost, this is the most affordable professional option.

Professional take-home teeth whitening kits are set up by your dentist, customized to your current dental needs and goals. Plus, the bleaching gel is specialized and approved use at-home. You will wear custom-fitted whitening trays for around one hour each day for roughly two weeks. The dentist will give you exact instructions.

Depending on your goals and the service you and your dentist choose, this service runs between $100-400.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Products and Costs

Perhaps the teeth whitening cost at a dentist’s office is entirely out of your price range, or you simply want to try an over the counter (OTC) at-home product. Luckily for you, there are several products for you to try!

Before you purchase an at-home solution, there are a few key points to remember:

  • The strength of the bleaching gels and agents is significantly lower in OTC products.
  • With OTC products, the mouthpieces may not fit your mouth correctly, as it is not custom-fitted. These types of trays increase the potential of gum irritation while possibly decreasing the amount of bleaching agent that contacts your teeth.
  • OTC products are not customized for your specific goals and medical history.
  • Certain OTC products can cause weak enamel or tooth sensitivity with incorrect use or overuse.


OTC teeth whitening gels work similarly to the take-home kits from the dentist. This treatment involves filling a tray, which looks similar to a mouth guard, with the whitening agent/gel. Depending on the product you buy, you will wear this for one to two hours each day for anywhere between one week to one month.

Results usually first come through in a few days and can last around four months. In all, you can expect to pay less than $100 for these products.


With OTC teeth whitening strips, you wear strips over your teeth for 30 to 60 minutes each day for about three weeks. Of course, each brand is different, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s direction. Due to the ease of use, teeth whitening strips are among the most popular OTC products for teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening cost for strips will run you anywhere from $10 to $60.


Perhaps the whitening strips are not quite what you are looking for, but you want to stick to that price point. Pens may be just the product that you need!

Teeth whitening pens work by placing the whitening agent right onto your teeth. Essentially, you just paint it on. Then, you put a lip guard in your mouth while the agent works its magic for about two hours. In only a few sessions, most will see results.

The cost for pens is the same as the strips at $10 to $60.


The other most popular at-home product for teeth whitening is toothpaste. Since you already have to brush your teeth, you might as well get the most out of your time and money.

While it does not work near as fast as the other services and products, it is the most budget-friendly option. Some experts are torn as to whether or not the toothpaste is genuinely useful, but they are still a popular sell.

As with any other OTC product, the price varies by size and brand. You can expect to pay $4 to $7 on average.

Teeth Whitening Costs

Products to help give you the best, whitest smile you ever come in all price points. No matter your budget or time restrictions, there is a teeth whitening service or product for you.

By working with your dentist, you can find one that fits in with your medical history, goals, and your budget. Teeth whitening costs do not have to break your budget!

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